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At Tribus Computer we are an authorized re-seller for many of the respected manufacturers in the computer industry. Regardless of your requirement or the type of


At Tribus Computer we have access to several suppliers of Web/Internet hosting services and web-site designers. We can assist you in creating…

Windows Support

The latest releases of Microsoft Server and Workstation products, while adding new capabilities and functionality to your systems, have also

Tribus Computer Services

At Tribus Computer we recognize that today’s network is no longer simply a method of connecting a few computers in the office together. The corporate network has become a critical component of your business operation. Many businesses now require management and staff to access the network 24/7 while either in the office or from remote location. In addition, the possibly to unauthorized user accessing your network has become a realistic concern. At Tribus Computer we understand these issues and can design and implement your network to ensure security, reliability and availability.

From VPNs (Virtual Private Network) to Firewalls to Wireless Network, Tribus can diagnose and optimize networks of any size or configuration.

At Tribus Computer we are experienced in the installation, optimization and usage of many of today’s popular business applications. From Word Processing, E-Mail or Accounting Software, our support staff has the expertise that you need.

Whenever you are looking to develop anew web-site, or build a customized database application, at Tribus Computer we have a team of professional providers to assist you in developing your personalized solutions.