There are few things your business needs more than steady and reliable computer support and services. If you run a small business – anything from a bed and breakfast to a restaurant, retail store or construction company – then scroll down for our quick guide to finding the ultimate provider, and at any point in your reading, we encourage you to contact Tribus Computer to assist with all your IT needs.

Guide to Finding the Ultimate Computer Support and Services

It can be hard for small business owners and managers to know where to start when looking for the best possible computer support and services. Here are five steps:

1. Research Online Reviews

A quick and easy way to assess computer support and services is to do some online research. Google reviews, Yelp, and Facebook are all great places to start. This is a great way to gather information on potential providers from other customers. Make sure to be wary of potential spam contributors, though; the best reviews are ones that offer at least a readable sentence or two.

Google Reviews are a great way for you to begin to assess a company’s previous work.

2. Ask Around

It’s easy to underestimate the value of a good chat in today’s digital world, but asking around for actual first-hand reviews of a computer support and services provider is always a good idea. Check with colleagues who run a similar business and have similar needs, and get the scuttlebutt on who has a good reputation and who to avoid.


computer support and servicesYou should seek out the input of others when looking for computer support and services.

3. Check References

You’ve done some online research and asked around, and now it’s time to get down to brass tacks. Choose three of the best options and ask each for three references. This would involve past or present customers, and a few typical questions to minimize the time demands on everyone involved. Those queries could include:

  • What was your level of satisfaction with this computer support and services provider?
  • Would you recommend working with this company?
  • How long did your service last?

A failure or unwillingness to provide references should be seen as a red flag.


computer support and servicesGet references for all your prospective service providers.


4. Ask for a Meeting

After asking around for references, and assuming you can now eliminate at least one option, ask the top two computer support and services providers for a meeting in person so they can present a formal proposal. That should include the various tools and services they provide and the price point for each/ packages they offer. For reference, check our article on “Business IT Solutions – The 7 Tools You Absolutely Need” as well as “4 questions to ask when choosing a network provider.”


A face-to-face meeting is recommended so you can get a sense of who you will be working with.


5. Make the Call

You’ve checked the reviews, engaged in thoughtful discussion, asked for reviews and met in person, and now it’s time to make a decision. By now you’ll have a good idea of what you’ll be getting on the technical side, and also a glimpse of the customer service that will be provided – anything less than exceptional should not be accepted. Pick up the phone, set up a time to meet and confirm the hire, and enjoy the benefits of a reputable computer support and services provider.


Congratulations! You have found the ultimate computer support and services provider.


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