Did you know that low bandwidth means slow network performance? If your business is suffering from poor connections and therefore struggling to keep up with the competition, the answer could be as simple as cutting down on streaming and downloading large files. Read on to discover how to help your business keep pace. If you need assistance, Tribus Computer provides meaningful and effective managed IT services in Toronto and the surrounding area with an established network of computer technicians available to assist and support you with all your computer needs. Contact Tribus Computer today to see how we can help you.



Low Bandwidth Means Slow Network Performance

What Is Bandwidth?

Think of bandwidth like lanes on a highway, as PacketWorks suggests. A lone vehicle can speed down a single lane road, in the same way a lone network request can function with low bandwidth. Multiple lanes allow more traffic to go through at once, while still retaining high speeds. As we’ve all experienced, if many vehicles are driving on just a few lanes simultaneously, everything bogs down and we don’t get anywhere.

Similarly, a low bandwidth connection servicing multiple network requests will severely slow speeds. A high bandwidth connection can service many requests and users without sacrificing precious speed. Again, it’s important to remember that low bandwidth means slow network performance.


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Think of bandwidth like lanes on a highway.


What Causes Bandwidth Issues?

We know that low bandwidth means slow network performance, and bandwidth issues are generally exacerbated by attempts to process large amounts of data over an extended period of time. Common activities that can cause bandwidth problems include:

  • Streaming videos on YouTube, Netflix
  • Large file transfers between computers (greater than 100 megabytes in size)
  • Constant stream of data (e.g. surveillance footage from security cameras)
  • Downloading files from the internet

All of the above can contribute greatly to bandwidth issues in a network, and should be done only when there is only light network traffic – such as overnight, for example.


Bandwidth issues are generally exacerbated by attempts to process large amounts of data over an extended period of time.


How Do I Know If I Have a Bandwidth Problem?

Slow network performance is a sign of low bandwidth, but not every slow network is the result of a bandwidth issue. Many times IT departments simply add bandwidth when a network slows down, but this isn’t always the best solution as it adds cost and merely addresses the symptom of the problem, not necessarily the problem itself.

In order to diagnose a network problem, one should use a network monitoring technology. These applications can track a network to the point where the slowdown occurred, and analyze the data to see if any routers or ports were operating beyond capacity – if so, a bandwidth issue is likely present. Here’s a list of some of the relevant applications for network monitoring:

You can also rely on a good managed IT services provider to assess your network; refer to our Guide to Finding the Ultimate Computer Support and Services for more, and contact Tribus Computer today for assistance in diagnosing potential bandwidth issues.


Make use of a network monitoring application to determine what’s slowing you down.


Steps to Take to Resolve Bandwidth Issues

After making use of a network monitoring application or calling a local managed IT service for assistance diagnosing your bandwidth issues, it’s important that you analyze the impact and likelihood of reoccurring slowdown. Determine what caused the slow network performance and if that use was necessary.

Often, bottlenecks are caused due to irresponsible data use that can easily be avoided, such as streaming an HD video. However, it may also be the case that the network wires were overloaded, which slowed down all connections regardless of more bandwidth being added. In that case, it might be time to upgrade the wired or wireless local area network connections if they’re constantly slow.

If it is determined that a network problem is the result of insufficient bandwidth, Tribus Computer is able to provide the best solutions to upgrade bandwidth and eliminate network slowdowns.


Allow a managed IT service like Tribus Computer to help keep your office connected.


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