Serving Your Computer Needs


Tribus can let you “get back to business” while looking
after your back office for you…

The latest releases of Microsoft Server and Desktop products, while adding new capabilities and functionality to your systems, have also added complexity and challenges to the ongoing operation and support of these systems.

At Tribus Computer we can provide ongoing support for your systems, whether on-site or remote access. We are experienced in dealing with complex mutli-site or single site networks and our experienced staff can effectively deploy new installations, manage migrations or upgrades and provide problem resolution services.

Many business users have that employee that thinks they know how to fix their complicated systems. Our experience and history tells us otherwise. Too many times we have been called out fix a problem that has been complicated by an in house “expert” attempting to save the company money, but instead ends up costing much more than it would have if they only called a “professional” to do it right the first time.

Tribus provides prompt response to your needs, and can usually diagnose and resolve many problems without requiring an on-site visit. In few cases though, we are left with no option but the on-site visit to repair your computer.