If you’re having issues with Windows either at home or at work, there are a number of common problems that can seem impossible to troubleshoot -we have some solutions you can try here. If your issue is beyond do-it-yourself fixing, contact the professionals at Tribus Computers for your Windows support in Vaughan. At Tribus Computers, we have an established network of experienced computer technicians available to assist you in your “end-to-end” Windows needs.

Microsoft Windows Support Vaughan

There are a number of issues that require help from a professional. Tribus Computers can help with these issues. Whether it’s installing updates on company computers, deciding which update to install, or setting up proper firewalls and security, Tribus Computers can help.

Installing Microsoft Windows Updates On All Company Computers 

Knowing what Windows update to roll out, when to roll it out, and how to install it without disrupting normal work for all employees can be difficult. For deciding which update to roll out, we recommend testing an update on a few computers first to ensure there are no glitches. Tribus Computers has expert technicians that can help with this process. Having experience dealing with complex multi- or single-site networks, we can advise what update to install and when to do it. If you have a company needing a Windows update, contact Tribus Computers to take care of it for you today.

Setting Up Proper Security And Firewalls For Microsoft Windows

Setting up proper security measures for your business can be a difficult and even overwhelming task. Depending on the type of work you do, you may need additional security. Your firewall for Windows is your first line of defence against malicious activity. A firewall is a system designed to prevent unauthorized access to a private computer network. To ensure the security of your business data and network, be sure to hire a professional. Firewalls and security for Windows should not be taken lightly. Contact Tribus Computers to learn more.

Microsoft Windows 10 Not Being Compatible With Some Legacy Software And Servers

Again, knowing what updates to deploy and when is crucial for updating your business computers. Windows 10 has been known to be incompatible with some legacy software and servers. To ensure that you are not rolling out an update that won’t be compatible your some of your key software or even with your server, contact Tribus Computers first. Tribus Computers can advise you and even manage the update process to ensure that it doesn’t interrupt the flow of business for you and your company.

Top 4 Most Common Microsoft Windows Support Questions and Answers

1. Problem: I can’t install updates anymore in Windows 10 after Windows Update crashed due to an issue.

Solution: The problem occurs because Windows Update files get corrupted due to the issue. The solution is to remove the corrupted files, which can be done easily by following these steps:

  1. Press Win+R keys to open the Run dialogue
  2. Type “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download” and press OK
  3. File Explorer opens – delete all the files/folders in this directory (in case you can’t delete the files, boot Windows in ‘safe mode’ and then try deleting the files)
  4. Restart your PC and try running the Windows Update again

Problem: My computer is too slow starting up.

Solution: This problem could be happening because you’ve installed too many programs, many of which may automatically run when Windows starts.  The solution is to limit how many start up programs load.

  1. Type “msconfig” into the search
  2. Run the app
  3. Click on the “services” tab
  4. Check the “Hide all Microsoft services” box
  5. Look through the list and if you see a program that you don’t use very often, turn it off and click “apply”

3. Problem: Windows store can’t install or update applications on Windows 10. 

Solution: The problem is because of the excessive cache files that clutter-up your system, causing various issues, including this one. This can be solved by cleaning those cached files.

  1. Press Win+R keys to open the Run dialogue
  2. Type “WSReset.exe” and click OK
  3. A blank, black window will appear that will auto-close after some time
  4. Windows Store will open, and if it does not, open Windows Store yourself and try installing or updating apps

4. Problem: My computer is low on space and won’t perform normally.

Solution: To perform properly, Windows needs a lot of free space. To free up space, look at installed programs and uninstall anything that you are not using and is taking up disk space. Then remove any unnecessary junk files.

  1. Click on Start and open “Control Panel”
  2. Open “Programs and Features”
  3. Look through the list and find programs you don’t use anymore – click “Uninstall” to remove
  4. Click Start, and in the search box type “Disk Cleanup”
  5. Open the app and select the drive that you would like to clean
  6. Choose which types of files you would like to delete

Top 4 Online Resources For Finding Answers To Your Windows Related Questions

  1. Microsoft TechNet – a great resource for both Windows and application-related questions
  2. Microsoft Community – an exceptional way to find common questions and problem solve with answers. You can also post questions and get answers from professionals.
  3. ZDNet – a news resource for recent updates, articles, and information on the latest and greatest in the Windows and Tech world.
  4. Computer World – a fantastic resource full of topical questions and answers, as well as articles – a technology hub.

Trust Tribus Computers

If you find yourself focusing more on your business’ IT needs or trying to find Windows solutions than your clients and actual business itself, perhaps it’s time to talk to the professionals at Tribus Computers.

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