As a medical professional working in 2018, you’ve no doubt by now come to see the importance of tech support for doctors. In this article, we will look at three key strategies you should be implementing in your practice. At any point in your reading, feel free to contact Tribus Computers to see how we can help; we have an established network of computer technicians available to set up meaningful and effective tech support for doctors.


Tech Support For Doctors: A General Overview

Below you will find what is involved in tech support for doctors. Be sure to also check out our “Guide to Finding the Ultimate Computer Support and Services.”

Diagnosing Your Practice to Assess Necessary Tech Support

First, it’s important to recognize the benefits of information technology and to assess how effectively they’re being implemented in your medical practice. Consider this from the Information Technology Association of Canada: “More Canadian physicians than ever are embracing information technology. New data from the 2014 National Physician Survey (NPS) shows significant increases in the use of information technology since previous surveys in 2007 and 2010. Seventy-five percent of physicians report using electronic records to enter or retrieve clinical patient notes on a laptop or desktop. The number has tripled from 26% in 2007.”

What are the benefits?

Additionally, sixty-five percent of physicians reported seeing better or much better quality of care since the implementation of electronic records. “It’s great to see more family physicians moving to electronic record systems and electronic tools,” says Dr. Garey Mazowita, College of Family Physicians of Canada President. “The benefits include faster access to test results and reviews of medication lists and interactions, and that means more timely health care for our patients.”

Other include identifying and sharing lab results, ability to access a patient’s chart remotely, being alerted to critical test results or to potential medication warnings.


Physicians reported seeing better or much better quality of care since the implementation of electronic records.


How Doctors Can Ensure The Best Tech Support

“Going forward,” Dr. Mazowita added, “it will be important to enhance issues related to technical support, system compatibility and privacy requirements to ensure maximum efficiency of the technology.”

Again from ITAC, doctors reported several challenges in accessing information: 52% reported technical glitches, 46% with compatibility issues with other systems and 26% complaining about firewall or security issues.

“Adoption of information technology among physicians has reached a tipping point, and we’re starting to see significant improvement on quality and efficiency of care as a result,” said Dr. Cindy Forbes, President-elect of the Canadian Medical Association. “However, governments still need to keep their ‘pedal to the metal’ and continue to financially support physician efforts to implement EMRs so that we may fully unlock the promise of digital health system-wide.”

Here are some areas of potential improvement for you to assess:

  1. Integration of electronic medical records.
  2. Data migration.
  3. Acceleration of the exchange of health information.
  4. More effective use of electronic medical records and related solutions.
  5. Website development.
  6. Hardware and software upgrades.
  7. Office printing system.
  8. Firewalls.
  9. Increased storage space.

Tech support for doctors must be offered by professionals who are proficient in most of today’s software and applications, and also experienced in a wide variety of hardware and peripheral products to best serve the needs of your patients. They must also provide the security and dependability your practice requires.


Tech Support For DoctorsBe sure to assess all areas of your practice to maximize technological advancements.


Tech Support for Doctors: Trust Tribus

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Huge Growth in Doctors Use of Information Technology: Physician Survey